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Empowering your school’s digital capacity: from reflection to innovation action plans

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This course is an online training proposal by the SELFIE HelperR & Pedagogical Innovation Assistant (SHERPA) Erasmus+ project with which you will get a clearer picture of how the learning community sees and feels about digital education in your school: how its members see to what extent digital technologies are embedded in your school’s educational context and how they feel about their competence and capacity to contribute.

  • To provide a learning path for school coordinating teams (i.e., school leaders, and all those teachers who have a specific role in the school, e.g., ICT coordinator teacher, curriculum teachers, etc.) who want to improve the digital capacity of their schools, acting as change agents in their work environment.
  • To support schools' understanding and uptaking of SELFIE PTK and SELFIE HELPER to foster their digital capability.
  • To contribute to the development of an ecosystem around the SELFIE tool supporting European schools in their digital transformatio.


Equipo docente

Panagiotis Kampylis

He holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Educational Sciences and a PhD in Cognitive Science (PhD thesis on creativity). He has a strong background in education and training and lifelong learning, having worked as a policy analyst, researcher, school leader, teacher and teacher trainer. He has published more than 50 books, studies, articles and policy reports. He has led the design and management of large-scale research projects on innovation in education and training, entrepreneurship, digital skills and the pedagogical use of technology. He designed and led the development, testing and implementation of SELFIE tool from 2016 until August 2020. Since May 2021 he is a Senior Research Fellow at the Italian National Research Council – Institute for Educational Technologies. You can find him in Twitter as @pankampylis. (MOOC author and facilitator).

Equipo docente

Diego Ojeda

Holds a Degree in English Philology and a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Has been a Secondary teacher, Intercultural education assistant and teacher of Spanish as a New Language for immigrant pupils. Member of Conecta13, has conducted a number of training activities both on-site and online. Active user of technologies for language learning, has been co-author of the book “Artefactos Digitales” published by Graó, 2014. On twitter is @interele. (MOOC author and Team coordinator).

Equipo docente

Lourdes Vázquez

English Primary school teacher, on Twitter @lourdesvazgut. Currently coordinating the bilingual project at her school. As well as English she teaches Natural Science and Social studies at her school, you may find some of her work at Lover of active methodologies and advocate of a real bilingual education, she has collaborated in several projects with Conecta 13. (MOOC facilitator. Social networks and platform updates).

Equipo docente

Ana Yara Postigo

She has a PhD in Educational Innovation. During her studies and career she has seen the potential of the Digital in Education. Therefore, she specialized in educational technology and innovative use of technology in Education, particularly in language leaning processes, another one of her passions. You can find her on Twitter as @Aytranslator. (MOOC facilitator. Content curation and platform updates).

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